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Solar Power Units & Batteries

Solar Power is still the best and most affordable option to reduce energy costs for both residential settings and commercial settings. We sell and install many brands of Solar systems with battery backup but the SolaX inverters with Soltaro Battery Bank is our best value for money system with many capabilities

Solar Water Heaters

Evolution Solar Experts can supply quality solar hot water systems and heat pumps at reasonable pricing or replace solar collectors in fast time frames.

Solar Air Conditioning & Solar Attic Fans

We sell quality reverse solar air conditioner to heat and cool your home efficiently. Solar Attic Fans are great for removing the heat within the roof cavity on homes, granny flats, sheds, factories, containers etc.

Increasing and Updating Solar Panels

Some solar power systems and solar hot water systems that have been installed over the years just don’t make the grade of quality for ongoing appropriate solar production, or sometimes through accidents or weather conditions that solar panels are cracked or broken causing the system to reduce production or fail completely