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Solar Power Units – Energy Saving –  Residential and Commercial

Solar Power is still the best and most affordable option to reduce energy costs for both residential settings and commercial settings.

Residential settings are mostly from 5 kw to 15kw depending on the household usage. There are still minimal feed in rates from the energy suppliers only, so it is important to source the best energy retailer. 

The standard solar system is great in providing energy for daytime usage as the cost of electricity per kw can be as high as 28c per Kwh but night time usage can be the expensive part of the power bill that is where battery back-up for night time use is very beneficial. Most customers that have battery back-up as their night time energy source are reaping the benefits when the power bill comes in.

And this is also a great time to look at other ways you can save on your energy costs such as LED lighting, solar air conditioning, solar attic fans and solar hot water.

If funds are short as in most households the best option is to purchase a good quality solar system first and whilst paying that off you can save on the energy costs that could help contribute towards the payments on the solar system.

Once paid for then you could purchase the battery back-up system for the night time usage and benefiting from further reductions in your energy costs.

STC government discount incentives are still available for solar power systems and solar hot water 7 heat pumps but are now reducing each year. The discounts are generally applied as a point of sale discount allowing a reduction in the purchase price of the solar system (known as the customer out of pocket price) and the amount depends on your location, size of the system, the daily rate available at the time of installation etc.

Our premium products that we use are REC Twin Peak solar panels, Jinkco solar panels  and Fronius, SolaX or Imeon inverters with battery back-up capabilities, SolarEdge solar power systems using optimisers and state of the art technology, Sofar and Fronius inverters. We do sell many other quality products as that customers request.